What began as a call to action for the community to help identify an alleged thief, quickly turned into a great deed by a stranger.

The Oneida City Police Department posted on their social media account Wednesday the photo of someone who was accused of stealing personal hygiene products from the Byrne Dairy Store on Lenox Avenue in Oneida. Instead of people responding to the police department's post with the identity of the person in the photo, several people had a heartwarming response.

The Oneida City Police Department followed up later in the day with a new post with an entirely different photo. Pictured in the post was Darien Fox with Oneida City Police's Sgt. Mike Burgess. The heartwarming responses included in the comments of the original post looking for identification of the suspect included several people offering instead to pay for the personal hygiene products that were taken. As are several other products, hygiene products have skyrocketed in price and for some it has become difficult to stay clean.

Darien Fox was one of those generous people who not only offered to pay, he actually went to the Lenox Avenue Byrne Dairy and paid for the personal hygiene products. Due to his generosity, a person was spared legal problems when they were really just dealing with hard times. It's not like this person stole food, alcohol or lottery tickets. Sometimes people are desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures. More people need to be like Darien and step up when the opportunity to help arises. Thank you to Darien for you great deed. While there is no excuse for stealing, let this be a lesson to all.

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