Of course the key words are "on average" when it comes to Dairy Farms getting $59,000 from the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP). The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Farm Service Agency continues making direct payments to assist with farm losses associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a story reported by Ag Web.com, about half of the U.S.'s Dairy Farms have received funds to date. On average they are getting the aforementioned 59k, some have gotten more, some less, and some have yet to file the necessary paperwork. Here's how the New York numbers break down.

The Empire State ranks third, behind Wisconsin and California in the amount of money received.  New York dairy farmers were paid a touch over $101 million dollars, Wisconsin got twice as much, and California $108 million.  New York had nearly 3 times as many applications for funds as California. Here are the state by state breakdowns on how funds have been distributed so far.

Overall in the state of New York $9.2 million went to non-specialty crops from 1,729 applications, $1.3 million to specialty crops on 24 applications, $9.8 million for livestock from 1,843 applications. Another round of payments are going out this week and so far the USDA has spent about 1 of their 16 billion dollar allotment.

There's still time to apply for funds, the deadline is August 28.  Applications are processed through local Farm Service Agency offices. Here's where to find the nearest FSA office. Here's more info on how to apply and what the CFAP is covering.

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