A company named Staub Precision Machine in Hamburg New York has designed a robot we all need here in Central New York. Introducing the world's first official ketchup robot. 

The ketchup-dispensing robot even has a name! WGRZ reports it's "Molly the Ketchup Robot," and she will debut at the Erie County Fair in Hamburg next month as part of the Jim's Fries stand.

Video shows a robot arm picking up small plastic cups and bringing it to ketchup dispensers, similar to condiment stations in restaurants like McDonald's and Five Guys. Molly's arm then pushes the dispenser, squirts out ketchup into the cup, then picks up the cup and delivers it to customers looking to dip their French fries."

Technically, NYUpstate says she's classified as a "cobot" or collaborative robot, as she's meant to interact with humans in a shared workspace.

What a time to be alive.


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