Hunters use decoys to entice ducks and geese into their zone. Working on the same theory, the Department of Environmental Conservation uses deer decoys to nab illegal hunters. Is it right or wrong?
Two arrests were made outside of Indian Lake in the last week when hunters tried to take down the decoy. In both cases, drivers spotted what they thought was a deer while driving past the decoy. But there are some differences that has me flip-flopping on the issue.

In the first case, the driver goes past the decoy, reverses and then takes the shot. This seems to be a bit of entrapment in my mind. The second case occurs after dark and a spotlight is involved. This seems like a person that may already be jack lighting for deer to begin with.

What are your thoughts? Are both cases the same, the law is the law? Or is one entrapment and the other getting your just rewards? Comment below.

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