Do you believe in love? Maybe after hearing about Warren Chapple and his wife Joan Chapple you will.


Warren Chapple was 92 and his wife Joan Chapple was 87. They had been married for 70 years. CNY Central reports that they passed away within hours of each other.

Warren was a World War II veteran and fuel company service technician. Joan was a seamstress and homemaker. They also owned and operated a woodworking and doll furniture business for years.

The couple lived in Albany at the end of their life. The story of how they were towards the end will melt your heart. The Albany Times Union has that story:

Warren Chapple's routine began seven years ago, when Alzheimer's forced his wife into a nursing home and he moved in with his son's family.

He started his little sports car early each morning to make the 10-mile trip from Averill Park to Van Rensselaer Manor in North Greenbush. There, he fed Joan her breakfast and sat with his wife for two hours before returning home to rest.

In the early evening, Warren was back on the road.

He would return to the nursing home around five every evening to feed his wife dinner. For three hours, he would sit holding Joan's hand until the nurses put her to bed. He kissed his wife good night and returned home, where, on summer nights, he would end the day with his beloved Mets.

Warren started the routine when he was 85. As the disease robbed his wife's mind and memory, he was as reliable as a clock and faithful as a monk. Only sickness or bad weather kept him away."

In November, Warren and Joan celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. Nine weeks later, on January 28th, Warren visited Joan for the final time.

With his esophageal cancer worsening, Warren became too weak to make trip. He mustered the strength to say a last goodbye to Joan, then returned home to wait for the end.

Joan died first, on Sunday. Warren died on Monday.

If that story doesn't melt your heart, or make you believe in love, I don't know what will.

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