Call it karma, justice or you reap what you sow. A pair of New York hunters face multiple charges after jack-lighting deer. And it's one of the illegally taken deer coming to life that got them busted.

It all started in Berne, NY when Sheriff's Deputies received a call about 2 men shooting from a truck. Officers stopped the vehicle and found fresh blood inside and outside. The occupants were dressed in hunting attire and had guns along with spotlights in their possession. The Deputies then decided it was time to got in touch with New York Department of Environmental Conservation officer Brian Canzeri.

His investigation and interview of the men turned into a tale that would be hilarious if not for the ending. The men told authorities they were driving when a buck ran in front of the truck, the passenger shot from the window and the deer dropped. They loaded it into the back of the truck and was about a mile down the road when it suddenly came to life and jumped from the vehicle. They were going back to retrieve it when the Deputies stopped them. Now if it ended there, it would be hilarious.

As in the investigation continued into the following days, it was discovered the men had shot three more deer. In addition to several charges including taking a deer by artificial light and shooting from a vehicle, the two had suspended drivers licenses. One had an arrest warrant pending and the other had past hunting violations for taking deer with a light and was prohibited from possessing firearms. In all likelihood, these two won't be able to legally hunt for some time.


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