Morrisville State College now has the distinction of the best place to learn how to brew beer in not only the US, but in all of North America.

Morrisville State is now the Grand National Champion of the 2018 U.S. Open College Beer Championship.

The competition is open to any college or university that offers brewing classes. Morrisville competed against some heavy hitters including the Michigan State University, the University of Auburn and Colorado State University among others.

What won Morrisville the title of Grand National Champion was the combination of three medal-winning brews:

  • Gold for The Crop Pilsner in the Bavarian beer category
  • Silver for The Arsenal IPA in the IPA (India Pale Ale) category
  • Bronze for  Belgian Draft Horse Belgian Tripel in "open" category.

SUNY Morrisville opened their teaching brewery last year inside the college's teaching restaurant - The Copper Turret. Right now the brewing classes are offered to students in the agriculture or food technology programs as electives.

That could change soon though, as Brewmaster Micheal Coons told they hope to be able to offer a full brewing program as soon as the fall 2019 semester. That would make Morrisville the first SUNY school to offer a 4-year brewing program.

You can sample the students' winning brews at The Copper Turret on Route 20 in Morrisville and at the 4 Corners Tap Room, on Route 20 in Nelson.

If colleges offered brewing courses when I was in school I might be a famous brewmaster by now!

Hey, a guy can dream can't he? I'll stick to spending my days with you and drinking the beer instead, it's much more fun.




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