With the ever-expanding PC culture, it appears that words that we've been resting on for the last century could be ditched from our vocabulary by law very soon. First-responder firemen and policemen will soon likely be known as well, something else.

According to Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie:

Women make up an important part of our police force and firehouses, and it's time New York State laws reflect that.

Come to think of it, they already are: 'police officers' and 'firefighters' are totally gender-neutral, just like 'flight attendant' for example and have been for years. These terms work far better than say, police-person or fire-person, so maybe the adjustment won't be so difficult after all in this case.

But, dovetailing off of Speaker Heastie's woman-specific comments, what's wrong with firewoman or policewoman to qualify gender? Those terms already exists and are in wide use. **Shoulder shrug**

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