I'm pretty excited for 2015 because Back To The Future 2 made it seem like we'd have everything by now. I'm expecting flying cars, time machines, and a new Jaws movie. We probably won't get any of those items, but I'll settle for the Nike self-tying power lace shoes. Nike just announced they will actually make these.

Nike is no stranger to releasing these shows. They released a pair of McFly's Nike MAGs with manual laces back in 2011. The Daily Mail reports designer Tinker Hatfield has revealed the power laces will arrive in 2015.

Without giving a release date, Tinker confirmed that his team is working as hard as possible to deliver the Nike MAG in 2015 with Power Laces, but also reminded us all that we still have '11 and two-thirds months left in 2015″, according to Nice Kicks."

Nike applied for a patent for 'automatically lacing trainers' back in 2010. I guess they've been working out the inner workings since then. The shoes will have a automatic lacing system with a set of straps that can be automatically opened and closed to switch between a loosened and tightened position of the upper part of the shoe. Just like the movie, and just like the movie it's really cool.


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