You know Spring is around the corner when Nicky Doodles opens. The iconic central New York ice cream shop opened for the season in Rome and Verona, a sure sign  warmer weather is on the way.

"I've been waiting all winter for this weekend. It's always the beginning of spring," says Dave Harney.

Photo Credit - Nicky Doodles

This season marks 21 years in business for Nicky Doodles. Tim Twomey, who owned the former wallpaper store next door, opened the neighboring lot as an ice cream stand in 1998 in Rome. Every year since, the community patiently waits for opening day.

"Every year we make opening day a family day," says Chris St Thomas Illingworth.

Photo Credit - Christ St Thomas Illingworth

Nicky Doodles will be open 11am-9pm in Rome and Verona. You can also get Nicky Doodles To Go anytime with pre-packaged ‘ice cream cakes, pies, cookie sandwiches and Hershey’s pints in Rome. Online ordering will also be available soon.

Now that Nicky Doodles is open, golf season should start any day right?