You'll have to do your fall camping and leaf peeping somewhere else this year. Nick's Lake Campground will be temporarily closing after Labor Day. The campground in Old Forge will be going through renovations as part of the DEC's Adventure Initiative.

The campground opened in 1996 and will see several facelifts and functionality improvements during the project. It will remain open through Labor Day Weekend, but close Tuesday, September 4 and most likely not reopen until sometime in 2019. It also means the facility will be closed for the early bear hunting season.

Among the improvements will be:

  • a new D-Loop comfort station
  • replacing most of the water lines throughout the campground
  •  install an underground electrical distribution system
  • update campsites #75 and #77 to current accessibility standards

Officials hope burying the electrical lines will help alleviate power outages, especially during storms. It will also offset the expense of yearly tree trimming.

Nicks Lake Campground Map


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