We all love little ducklings. I personally think they're one of the cutest baby animals around. The folks at Fort Stanwix welcomed some new ducklings to their grounds, but they're advising visitors to keep their distance.

Officials posted on the monument's Facebook page, saying that snacks like bread, popcorn, crackers and corn are low in protein and essential nutrients and minerals that ducklings need to grow and develop.

While a single feeding of these “junk foods” may not harm waterfowl, it adds up! If everyone visiting a park “only” gives a few pieces of bread or crackers to ducks and geese, it quickly becomes the bulk of what wild waterfowl consume, and results in a variety of nutritional disorders.

They said the ducks, guided by mom and dad Nancy and Bob Duck, will be able to find all the nutrients they need in the wild. Park visitors should keep their distance for at least two months while the ducklings gather their bearings, become independent and learn to fly.

The post said they'll keep us updated on Nancy and her babies when they see them around the park.

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