A New York woman is warning dog owners of the dangers of flea and tick medication. Shannon Herr of Buffalo says her dog Captain suffered severe burns after she applied Hartz Ultra Guard flea and tick protection. "24 hrs after we applied the medication we took him to vet. He was put on antibiotics and creme."

Photo Credit: Shannon Herr/TSM

Herr posted the warning on Facebook and its been shared more than 160,000 times with thousand of comments, several people claiming their pet had negative reactions as well.

Jannine Adams Hedger writes, "I used treatment on my cat and he died. This stuff is poisonous and a class action suit should be brought against this company."

Hannah M. Heard, who works at an animal hospital, writes "We advocate for preventatives sold by veterinarians. Hartz is not sold by any veterinarian to my knowledge."

Jerry Swihart has been using the product for years with no issues and writes "I don't think they used it right then. Maybe your dog was just allergic or had a bad reaction."

If you Google Hartz Ultra Guard reviews, Consumer Affairs shows a one star rating, with several customers claiming the product harmed their pets too.

Photo Credit: Shannon Herr/TSM

Hartz has '160 years of collective experience in the fields of veterinary medicine and technology, pharmaceuticals, pesticide chemistry, and dermatological care' according to their website with a veterinarian available for all pet questions.

Hartz Ultra Guard can be purchased at places like Walmart or on Amazon. But when it comes to protecting your pets, your vet knows best. Store products may be cheaper but vet approved medication is a lot less costly in the end.

If this has happened to your pet, email Polly@BigFrog104.com the details for a follow up story.