It's not uncommon for woman to crave things when they are pregnant like pizza, pickles, mayonnaise, and even I've heard specific kind of pop tarts. In New York, one woman will be featured on TLC's new series called "My Extraordinary Pregnancy" for being addicted to eating rocks.

Meet Silvia. She was eight months pregnant when she appeared on the show. We learned she suffers from "Pica syndrome". This diseases causes the sufferer to be addicted to the idea of eating substances such as dirt, paint or rocks.

Silvia spends a fair amount of time out of her day finding and eating rocks, knowing it could be harming her baby. But the syndrome means she can’t help it. Silvia has to avoid places that have a lot of rocks otherwise she can’t help herself.’"

According to the Metro, she can suffer from diseases and parasites due to eating rocks. On the show we learn hat Silvia suffered from ringworm in her shoulder.

On the episode you can watch her baby boyborn not healthy, but underweight. Due to her not eating properly, a lot of nutrition failed to reach he baby. When the show aired, the baby was alive, just underweight.

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