Being considered natural is generally a good thing. But one New York woman is claiming that the Greek yogurt she saw a supermarket is misleading consumers into believing their flavors are natural when they're really not. Now, she she is doing what everyone else these days is doing to prove a point; she is filing a lawsuit. Yes, all over yogurt.

The New York Post says that the suit filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court claims the yogurt used terms like "vanilla”, and “natural flavors” on their labels. But are they really? The court filing alleges that testing done on the yogurt “confirmed the product’s ‘vanilla’ taste is not from vanilla beans or even ‘other natural flavors,’ but artificial flavor”. The suit goes on to say that artificial flavors can be harmful, and that customers are willing to pay extra for natural products.

Regardless of where this all goes, one would think she'd be a little more understanding when it comes to New York's official state snack? Yes, it's yogurt and that's kind of lame.

People filing suit claiming food products are mislabeling their packaging with false information is nothing new. Who could forget in late 2020 when a man from Yonkers lead a class action lawsuit against King's Hawaiian Rolls because they're supposedly not really made in Hawaii? But there's more. The NY Post says a New York man sued Tecate beer for not really being Mexican. And then was this story from 2016, when a Hudson Valley woman sued KFC because her meal didn't have enough chicken in it? Then, there's the story of another New York resident who sued Junior Mints cause there wasn't enough candy inside the boxes. Jeez, people.

But who could ever forget this gentleman who sued just about anyone that ever got in his path? There literally isn't enough money in the word to cover all this!  In 2014, a 62 year-old New York man attempted the largest suit in human history, as the Huffington Post reports that the man reportedly sued all of New York City, plus a bakery, a Kmart, NYC Transit, two hospitals, and a dog owner - who he claims allowed their dog to bit him on the finger. How much? Two undecillion dollars. Yes, that's a real number. $2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. That's a two followed by 36 zeros. Think it got thrown out?

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