The Great New York State Fair is near and pumpkin flavors are starting to show up in our coffees and beers. That can only mean we're closing in on fall and another hunting season. Something new for this season will be the Department of Environmental Conservation requirement of an Email address.


Hunting and trapping licenses and permits are good for one year with the official start of a season September 1. New for 2017-18 will be the DEC request that each applicant provide an Email address.

While most of us can agree it's an effective way to communicate, there's just something "Big Brother-ish about the requirement." The DEC promises to only use your address to provide details on regulations changes, announce additional hunting opportunities, conduct surveys and remind us to renew licenses.

You can purchase licenses and permits for the new season now at any issuing agent, by phone 866-933-2257 or online.


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