Looking to give Dad the gift of whiskey for Father's Day? A little bourbon never hurt anyone. We created an official New York Whiskey Trail for you to take Dad on. 

Kings County Distillery

If you want to head to the Big Apple, make a special trip to Brooklyn to check out Kings County Distillery. This Brooklyn Bourbon is a smooth, spicy and complex whiskey. It's made from New York State organic corn and malted barley from the U.K., and aged in charred, new American oak barrels for 12 months to 2 years.


Adirondack Distilling Company

Here in Utica, right in downtown, take a trip anytime to the Adirondack Distilling CompanyAdirondack 601 American Whiskey is crafted from local corn and water from the Adirondack Mountains. This American Whiskey is smooth and flavorful.


Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery

Tuthilltown's claim to fame is that they are the first post-Prohibition distillery opened in New York. Located in Gardiner, they are well known for their Hudson Maple Cask Rye Whiskey. They send their Hudson Whiskey barrels to Woods Syrup, a maple syrup producer in Vermont ,that ages syrup in the barrels.


Finger Lakes Distilling

In Central New York, the Finger Lakes are normally known for their amazing wine. Make the trip to the region and see why whiskey is just as much a king as wine. Finger Lakes Distilling makes an amazing whiskey called the McKenzie Bourbon Whiskey. This features 70% local corn with 20% rye for a bit of spice.




(Post inspired by Craft Spirits XChange)


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