There ARE good people in the world. A New York waitress was fortunate enough to meet one, who left her a $1000 tip in a random act of kindness.

Nicole Trembs, a waitress at Dock Brown's Lakeside Tavern in Saratoga, deals with a lot of different people on a daily basis. "Every now and then there’s that one customer who just makes your day," she shared on Facebook.

That customer, a complete stranger, left a $1000 tip on a $23 bill, leaving Trembs speechless. "There's no words that can be put together to describe the gratitude I felt."

A note at the bottom of the receipt encouraged Trembs to complete her masters degree and sent best wishes on her baby. "The message written at the bottom alone was enough to make my day."

Trembs hopes to see the generous stranger again so she can properly thank him. "You deserve all the good karma coming your way. And may you set an example for other people."

Not everyone is fortunate enough to leave large tips, but any random act of kindness can make a big impact on others. A smile. A helping hand. Or even a simple thank you.

Go spread the love!

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