It seems that Halloween starts earlier and earlier every year. Is it the love of pumpkin spice that gets people excited or is it the fact that once Halloween is over, it is time to think Christmas!? While we wait for the candy to be handed out to ghosts and goblins some are already planning for the Holidays!

It used to be that we would wait for Thanksgiving to end before we would even consider shopping for Christmas presents. The day after Thanksgiving was typically the start of the shopping season. Nowadays, retailers and online deals start at the beginning of the fall.

But what does Mother Nature have to say about all of this? Sure the deals are the stores are good and who doesn't love a good Christmas cookie? But will we have snow? There simply is nothing like having a fresh blanket of white snow on the ground for Christmas. Here in New York State, there are two cities that have a very good chance for a white Christmas and are in the top three in the entire country.

Two other large cities that are also more likely than not to have some snow around on December 25 are Rochester and Buffalo. Rochester even has a nearly fifty-fifty chance of seeing fresh snow falling at Xmas.

Buffalo has better than a 50% chance of snow according to the report. With the snow already starting to fly in some parts of Western New York,, it seems as though the winter will be here sooner this year. This past week, portions of Michigan received at least a foot of snow. The warmer temperatures will be coming back this weekend bur for those who love the Holidays, this week was a good teaser.

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