Hint: The rankings are about as good as you would expect for the Empire State.

If you are ready for this, you are well aware that the tax burden for us New Yorkers is heavy to bear. In fact, I think the reason I have lower back pain is from carrying that burden around! Or maybe it is just the mental burden causing me pain.

From income tax to sales tax, to property tax, to gas tax, to "a thinking about taxes" tax....you get my drift, we get taxed everywhere! But, when compared to the other 49 states, there must certainly be others who have it worse than us?

Well, I will let you see how we rank vs the other United States. Let's just say the news is not good and I have a feeling you will not be surprised at all by the results below.

See The 10 States With The Highest Tax Burden

We can count on two things in life. Death and taxes.

In the state of New York, we can count on those taxes being high. But how high is our tax burden in the Empire State versus other states?

Wallethub recently ranked each of the 50 states based on overall tax burden which they define as "...the proportion of total personal income that residents pay toward state and local taxes." These rankings base that ax burden number on property, income, and sales taxes.

Here are the top 10 states from those rankings, And, yes, no surprise - New York made the list. But are we that bad off? See where New York ranks!

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