Sometimes even Santa needs a little help. 2 New York State troopers helped the waving Santa who was down to her last dollar.

If you’ve ever been in Binghamton near Upper Front Street and Route 11, you’ve seen a woman waving to the public. The woman's name is Pat and she's there every day. Locals say she's been in the area for as long as they can remember. For the holidays, Pat festively dressed in a Santa outfit.

Pat’s reason for waving to the public is simple: to bring joy to everyone who passes.

Two New York State troopers recently saw Pat walking and stopped to check on her. They learned she’s been down on her luck. Pat was cold and only had 47 cents in her pocket. The two troopers gave her a ride and all the money they had. Pat lit up and told the troopers she’d buy some food and blankets to stay warm.

They stopped by again another day just to bring Pat lunch.

If you see Pat, give her a wave and be thankful for what you have. Remember to be more like Pat this holiday season and spread kindness.

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