The job of a New York State trooper isn't just about arrests, investigations and spotting speeders. It's also about helping those in need. And one trooper helped deliver a baby in the parent's driveway.

On December 3 Trooper Jordan Szklany was sent to a home on Lake Road in Williamson for a child birth in progress. "911 advised Trooper Szklany, who was only minutes away, that the birth was imminent with contractions less than two minutes apart," says State Police.

The parents were in the driveway when Trooper Szklany arrived. It was too late to get mom to the hospital so Trooper Szklany helped dad deliver his new son. "The baby boy was placed in his mother's arms with a blanket for warmth."

The new family was taken to Rochester General Hospital. "The mother, Jessica, father, Mark, and baby boy Jameson Francis, are doing great."

Congrats Trooper Szklany on a successful delivery. If you're job with the New York State Police doesn't work out, you now have a Plan B. And congrats to the happy family on their new son.


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