New York State is awarding 20 million dollars over crappy news. By crappy, we mean manure management. 

According to CNY Central, New York has awarded $20 million for water quality projects on 56 farms across the state. What's the point of the funding you ask? It's intended to allow large livestock farms to comply with new regulations for managing manure to protect ground water and nearby waterways:

The regulations apply to so-called concentrated animal feeding operations, most of which are dairy farms with 300 or more cows. New York has more than 500 such farms."

This funding is part of the $2.5 billion Clean Water Infrastructure Act of 2017. If you didn't hear about this in time, there is another window of opportunity opening up to get funding. A second and third application period for an additional $15 million in funding next year and in 2019 will be available soon.

And now, for more puns on this farming story, enjoy this NSFW clip from Jurassic Park:

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