I don't give worms too much of my time and attention. They are out there in the world doing their thing in the dirt and I am trying to stay above the dirt. We were getting along just fine. That is until I heard that worms can jump!

It was bad enough when the jumping spider came along, now worms are getting in on the action? Worst part for us New Yorkers is, they don't belong here!

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The jumping worm, also known as "crazy Worm" is an invasive species to New York. According to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, these worms made their way here from Asia and are now found through out much of the Empire State and they are killing our plants.

The Invasive Species Centre reports that, in addition to jumping, this worm will thrash its body from side to side when threatened. In really desperate situations the crazy worm will even break off part of their tail to escape danger.

Here's how to spot a jumping worm in New York:

    • Look for dark soil that looks like coffee grounds
    • Jumping worms have a milky-white smooth collar, close to their heads
    • Check your soil, compost, tools, boots, and plant roots. Clean everything of worms and egg casings before transporting
    • Check for jumping worms or egg casings when purchasing worms for bait, and also when buying soil, compost, or plants
    • Report: If you find a jumping worm, take a picture and report it to NY iMapsInvasives

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