What if New York enactwd a policy and no one knew about it? It seems to be the case with the "Sexual Harassment Training and Policy Requirements." Cornell Cooperative Extension just recently received a document regarding the new policy, with the deadline for compliance being today. Here's how to get "in compliance" quickly.

The document dated, October 1 sets forth a policy where ALL businesses must have a sexual harassment policy in place today and employees must have access to the documents.

even those with as few as one employee, not-for-profit organizations, small businesses, and family-owned and operated businesses

Cornell has put together all the paperwork you need to be in compliance. You can download the documents fill in the blanks and be in compliance at CCE's website.

The policy will apply to all employees, applicants for employment, interns (whether paid or unpaid), contractors, and persons conducting business with the employer. The next step will be training for all employees, at least the deadline isn't until October of next year. For addition information or assistance contact Cornell Cooperative Extension at (315) 736-3394


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