A restaurant is closed until further notice after a driver crashed through the front door.

The accident happened at Mandy's Bar and Grille on Route 205 in the Town of Laurens Tuesday, October 13th. 67 year-old Robert Ahlqvist, of Mount Vision, was arrested for Driving while Intoxicated.

Luckily no one was injured but the restaurant, once known as Dinos, suffered a lot of damage and will be closed until repairs can be made.

Photo Credit - Otsego County Sheriff

Drivers crashing into buildings is more common than you think.

A driver crashed into the Save-On in Oneida in August of 2018. No one was seriously injured.

John Minckler

Then there was the crash at the Dunkin Donuts on Black River Boulevard in Rome in August of 2019.

Photo via Casie Moyer/Facebook

Luckily, everyone walked away without injury after a van ended up in the wall of an upstate New York garage in July 2019.

Photo Credit: Hannibal Fire Company

A spider is to blame for this crash at the LaSalle Yacht Club in Niagara Falls this past July. It fell on a teen driver, causing her to panic, hit the gas by mistake and crash into two boats, one that was owned by the Niagara Falls Fire Chief.

Photo Credit - Edward Draper

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