A New York Mills man claims his brother and himself were abducted by aliens in New York Mills.

The man opened up to Mufon, and shared a video and the complete story.

When I woke up I found a red triangle mark on my arm. My brother told me he also had encountered aliens at his house the same night. We both have been having alien encounters since we were kids. At the end of the video a humanoid figure is seen looking through the large window of the craft."

The date of the event is listed as July 13th 2020 at 11PM.

Did you watch the video? What are you thoughts?

Honestly, the craft looks like a blimp, or someone holding up a cell phone. The craft in the video is not convincing in the slightest. Also, the bruise he mentions on his arm, doesn't look like a full triangle at all.

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Another New York Mills Sighting From June 2020

There was another UFO sighting for New York Mills reported back in June of 2020. This sighting was reported to MUFON of happening on Wednesday June 10th 2020 at 11:30PM:

Witnessed by 3. There was no wind blowing that night the lights were moving on their own like they were alive. Audio removed due to foul language in the video"

There isn't a whole lot of detail, but there is a video you can watch online.

New York Mills UFO Sighting- June 2020

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