Cock-a-doodle-doo. Crime seems to be on the rise just about everywhere, and the wave of misconduct has left many law abiding citizens concerned. One man in New York was the apparent victim of a random assault Thursday morning while on his way to work. But what's making this case rather strange is that the suspect in the case is not human. It's not even a pack of wild dogs. You could say however, that this recent crime to hit the city was rather fowl.

PIX11 is reporting that a man was attacked by a rooster late Thursday morning in Jamaica, Queens. Officials say the feathered bandit got loose from a neighbor's home before attacking the victim. Now, residents in the neighborhood have been left fearful to walk down the street. The victim told the press that one of his neighbor's was attacked by a chicken in a separate incident. NBC says the bird have been terrorizing this neighborhood for years.

Police were able to round up the cock and get the bird back into the yard where it broke loose. Officers say they have contacted the Department of Health. An investigation is pending. The victim reportedly suffered a gash to his hand.

In another case of birds behaving badly from earlier 2021, one New York state woman was shocked to find that a wild turkey had broken into her home, and proceeded to wreck havoc upstairs. Pix 11 says that the menacing bird crashed through a bedroom window of the home in Erie County, before wildly flying around, as it demolished mirrors and smashed into walls like there was no tomorrow.

The turkey was later cornered into a bathroom, and NY Department of Environmental Conservation officers were able contain it with a fishing net. DEC says that the bird acted alone, and was later set free with no charges filed. The officers were even nice enough to help the woman clean up the giant mess left behind by the turkey.

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