Over the past year and a half, the Empire State endured the effects of multiple waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, the damaging winds and flooding rains of Hurricanes Isaias and Ida, plus the rise and fall Governor Andrew Cuomo. It's been a hell of a time. However, many residents (well, maybe a few) drew their attention to the small town of Wilton, where one ordinary man stood erect for an extraordinary cause. It was a case of the little guy fighting back. Some call it the Wilton Woody Saga.

It all started in June 2020 over a dispute between a man and the town over a workshop on his property. The man reportedly had lived at the home for ten years, at the time. WNYT says the man simply wanted to build a workshop on his property, though officials in the town of Wilton didn't feel it was up to code. The man says he'd tried reaching out to the town, though they just ignored his requests.

He then figured he'd take matters into his own hands.

So, this man decided to place a giant seven-foot penis carved out of a pine tree on his front lawn to protest the code enforcement. He even went so far as to set up a sign encouraging people to take pictures of the monstrous wood. And while he claimed the sculpture drews lot of attention an even laughs from many, some others weren't laughing. WNYT says that state troopers showed up saying they received a complaint over this big boner. So, he moved it to the back yard, only for it once again return to his front lawn. That's when he was arrested, for "publicly displaying offensive sexual material."

The road ahead was a long and hard one for him, though he stood firm. WNYT says that he plead not guilty to the misdemeanor charge. Now, almost a full year and half later we've reached the end. The resolution? WNYT says the charge has been adjourned in contemplation of dismissal. That means it will be dropped if he doesn't have any more run-ins with the town. He will be fined $250 though.

The Wilton Woody saga finally reached its unexciting conclusion after a year and a half of nonsense. All but 2 of the 13 international property code violations i was accused of were dismissed on condition of resolving the issues with the building permit...

So, after all this build up. the case goes limp without any real climax. However, the man still stands with his beliefs.  Looks like the local head honchos picked the wrong dick to mess with.

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