July across all of America means new laws are going into effect. What laws are now in effect in New York for 2019 and beyond?

1) New York City- Ban On Styrofoam

NYC will start enforcing its ban on single-use styrofoam containers, which carries a $250 fine for the first offense, $500 for the second and $1,000 for the third. The ban will be enforced through health and other inspections.


2) Suffolk County, New York – Salary History

Suffolk County, New York became the fourth New York jurisdiction to pass a salary history inquiry ban.28 The Suffolk County salary history ban is set to take effect on June 30 and will apply to any local employer with four or more employees. The resolution bans employers from relying on salary history information in determining an applicant’s compensation at any stage in the employment process.


3) Westchester County, New York – Domestic Violence Leave

Westchester County has enacted a new ordinance, the “Safe Time Leave Law,” that, beginning October 30, 2019, will require all private employers to provide up to 40 hours of paid leave for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.29 This requirement applies to any individual employed in Westchester County for more than 90 days during a calendar year, and employers must notify employees of this leave time option, which is separate from any other paid or unpaid leave that employers may provide. Employees must notify employers of their request to take leave, and employers can ask for verification that the leave is being used for a covered purpose.


4) Changing Tables

New dads now have access to more changing tables in public bathrooms. The state budget included a new law requiring all new or substantially renovated buildings with public restrooms to have safe and compliant changing tables. At least one must be accessible to men and women per publicly-accessible floor. Restaurants, stores, movie theaters, and state-owned buildings are among those covered.

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