The college semester is in full swing. Many students across America are probably beginning to question whether or not college is worth it. You can still get high paying jobs in Central New York, Upstate, and the rest of New York, that do not require a college education. 

Here are some high-paying jobs you can get in New York that do not require a college education:

Dental Hygienist

Like to clean teeth? There are jobs available in New York. Your Income Average would be about $68,000.


Web Developer

Like working with computers? You can make some sweet cash without that degree right here in New York. There's jobs always available across the state. CareerCast reports an Income Average in NY is $76,000.


Medical Secretary

Want to work in the medical field, but avoid all of that college debt? You can work several of these jobs here in Central New York, and across the state. Your Income Average would be about $31,000.



Want to work construction and get a nice paycheck? You can find several surveyor jobs here in the state. Your Income Average is about $55,000.


Electrical Technician

You can work several options in construction that pay well, and you can also work in the field of contracting as well. Electrical technician is one of those jobs. You can find several of these jobs across New York.


Need More Jobs?

CareerCast put together a list of the Top 20 jobs you can get without a college degree or education. You can view that full list by Clicking Here.

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