Is there anything more annoying than the dinner time telemarketing call? And with today's technology, it's getting more difficult to tell those annoying calls from a legitimate ring from family and friends. New York is about to make it much tougher on the people who place the unwanted calls with the Nuisance Call Act.

The legislation signed by Governor Cuomo closes a loophole in the Do Not Call Registry. The bill has two parts, one will require live telemarketing callers to give you the option of being added to their do-not-call list. Part two will force telemarketers to have your written consent before they can sell or share your contact information.

The original Do Not Call Law back in 2001 gave consumers the right to opt-out of robocalls. Telemarketers then used "live-callers" to circumvent the law and it actually caused an increase in the aggravating calls.

The governor signed the legislation on December 2, meaning it will take effect around March 2. Until then answer the phone cautiously.


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