Despite a less than stellar ag economy, a lot less, New York Farmers still put others first. 9 million meals have been given to those in need. And those are just the numbers through November. December will most likely push those numbers even higher.

The New York Farm Bureau announced the statistics as they were kicking off their annual meeting. Bureau President David Fisher says, “New York farmers routinely are among the most generous in the country when it comes to donating food. They have made it a priority in both direct action and public policy support."In addition to donating meals to needy families, the farmers are providing more nutritious and fresher food than many people are able to access.

While the program is structured nationally, New York donations stay within the state eventually being distributed to families through agencies like the Food Bank of Central New York. For the year to date, New York farmers have given 10,628,208 million pounds of fresh food and farm products, more than 1.6 million pounds compared to this time last year.

Want to get involved? Get more information on the program at Morning Ag Or contact the Food Bank of Central New York.


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