Here in New York for turtles, it's egg-laying season. New York Conservation officials are now asking drivers to watch out for our reptile friends on roads near wetlands.

According to WNYT, thousands of turtles are killed by vehicles each year as they make their way to and from nesting areas in May and June. Of course, that's when a lot of spring and summer driving takes place near these wetlands. Take some extra caution this driving season.

Here in New York, 11 native turtle species are in decline. It can take more than 10 years to reach breeding age for these turtles, so the loss of a breeding female can have a significant impact on the local population.

The Department of Environmental Conservation is asking if you see a turtle on the road or near the shoulder, and it's safe to pull over and stop, try consider helping the turtle cross in the direction it's facing.



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