We've all seen the creative way Central New Yorkers have found to get their snowmobiles or ATVs to the trails. We probably all know it's not the safest way to transport the machines, but does it merit a traffic ticket?

A Conservation Officer with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation issued a pair of tickets to a Finger Lakes resident when he found him transporting his ATV on top of his car. The man was traveling on RT 41A in the town of Homer. The citations were for an unsecured load and driving an overloaded vehicle.

ATV on Car

Should the driver be ticketed? Or is it taking the law to the nth degree? Tell us what you think below or on our FaceBook page.

This isn't the first time someone has improvised. One man was seen putting gas in a 4 wheeler, while standing on top of his car at a gas station in Chaumont, New York.

Photo Credit - Todd Fleming
Photo Credit - Todd Fleming

This one was seen at the Stewart's in Holland Patent.

Tracy Gilbert King
Photo Credit - Tracy Gilbert King

In the winter it's snowmobiles. Freddy Muhlberger of Johnstown made 100 mile trip with one after his truck broke down. "I backed my car up to the snowbank and drove the sled on with no problem. It worked a lot better than I thought it would."

Paul Hollenbeck
Photo Credit - Paul Hollenbeck

Let's not forget the snowmobile jammed into the back of a VW Bug in a Cobleskill WalMart.

Steven Carr
Photo Credit - Steven Carr

Marshton Kelly tried it too the day after seeing it on Facebook. "I had to get it over to my buddy's to work on it. The only option was slide it in backwards and I anchored it down using ratchet straps hooked them in those hooks used for car seats for children."

Marshton Kelly
Photo Credit - Marshton Kelly

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