Officers with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation make a number of rescues involving animals and humans throughout the year. It would be hard to imagine four stranger deer rescues all year, than the one's officers made over the course of just one week.

Deer Bucket on Head

Officers Craig Tompkins and Charles Eyler III got a call about a deer with a Halloween pumpkin bucket stuck on its head. His nose was in the bucket while the handle was caught in the antlers. Residents in the town of Putnam Valley reported seeing the deer for several days and contact the SPCA, who in turn contacted the DEC.  When officers attempted to corral the deer he ran into enough brush and sticks it knocked the bucket from the yearling's head, then he joined a doe in some neighboring woods.

Deer in Well

On the same day, officers Zachary Crain and Deo Read received a call about a deer trapped in a Water Well/Supply Tank in the town of Amenia. A hunter discovered the animal when he heard a noise coming from the tank. The officers found two deer had jumped on the tin roof of the structure and fallen through. One died while the survivor was running around the tank bottom. With the help of four other individuals, the officers were able to lower themselves into the well restrain the deer with rope and lift it out of the well. Once freed, the deer ran into the woods.


Deer in Poultry Fence

Conservation Investigator Joshua Sulkey and Officer Jeannette Bastedo were called to the scene of a buck with its antlers entangled in poultry fencing in the town of Rochester. The buck was actively trying to free itself and the two officers requested assistance from members of the Wildlife staff. Even with help from Jonathan Russell and Michael Menza they were unable to free the deer. In the end, they had to immobilize him and cut off part of the antlers. Once freed the buck ran away, apparently in good condition.

Deer in Batting Cage

Our final story features another buck entanglement. Officers were challenged with a buck entangled in a batting cage net. Again the deer was actively trying to free itself. Once subdued responders were able to cut the net and free the buck. He too ran into a wooded area in the town of Riverhead with no visible injuries.

Four stories proving just how challenging it is to be a conservation officer


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