Several New York business owners are taking a stand against Governor Andrew Cuomo's COVID regulations, kicking out Erie County Sheriff's deputies and Health Department officials.

Athlete’s Unleashed Gym owner Robby Dinero and several other business owners were holding a meeting inside the gym, without anyone wearing masks. The meeting was to make plans on how to survive the latest COVID restrictions. Friday businesses were shut down including gyms, restaurants and salons due to rising COVID cases in Erie County. Schools went to remote learning until the area can get out of the states 'Orange Zone.'

20 minutes into the meeting, officers arrived from the state Health Department and Erie County Sheriff's Office after receiving an anonymous tip, demanding the meeting be shut down according to Tim Walton.

Rather than shutting everything down, the business owners took a stand, demanding the officials leave private property they were not invited onto, even chanting 'get out' over and over followed by 'we will not comply' as they walked the officers off the property and into the road. You want watch the confrontation in the video above.

This isn't the first time Dinero has defied state regulations. In March, after Governor Cuomo ordered businesses to close, Dinero stayed open, refusing to wear a mask or asking his customers to. The gym did eventually closed.

A protest is planned for Monday, November 23rd at 5pm. The location isn't being released until one hour before.

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