For me, Netflix is my main source of movie and television entertainment, well, other than the Internet. I don't have cable, but rather just a Netflix account that allows me to stream movies or television shows and get 1 DVD at-a-time in the mail (unlimited) for under $10. Now, Netflix has announced some new pricing.

Announced on July 10, Netflix will offer a DVD-only plan for $7.99 a month for 1 DVD at-a-time. With that new pricing plan, the company is also splitting unlimited streaming and unlimited DVD plans. That means there is no longer  a streaming/DVD combo. They're separate. Unlimited streaming will be $7.99 and the unlimited 1 at-a-time mailed DVD plan will also be $7.99. So, if you want both, it's $15.98.

Also, if you like more DVDs at one time, like two DVDs at-a-time, the price increases to $11.99. So, if you want two DVDs at-a-time and want streaming content, your bill will be just under $20.

For new subscribers, the prices are effective immediately. If you are a current subscriber, like myself, the prices don't go into effect until September 1.

For more details, visit the Netflix blog.

How do you feel about the price change? Will you cancel your subscription? Does it not affect you?