An interesting Reddit post from the Syracuse board has caught our attention. What are these new poles all over Syracuse?

The post on Reddit was posted by user jimmyc1318 with the question: What are these new poles on Park St? There are cameras and a blinking blue light.

Many have chimed in with what they believe, and know, it is:

The flat panels are directional antennas. Instead of wiring up every unit into the ground and running lines everywhere they form a wireless daisy chain to the next unit. The blue blinking lights are a psy-op tactic so you notice the place is being monitored to reduce crime from happening."

Traffic/surveillance cameras

Someone else posted that they are fairly annoying:

They have very similar cameras all the Solvay neighborhood adjacent to Tipp Hill. They are really ugly at nighttime imo. They put them right on the corners of neighborhood streets, basically on people's front porch practically. The blinking is annoying and disturbing imo. It is nice to have security camera, to some extent. I think they actually use the blinking blue as an annoying tactic to get any potential criminals to know "we can see you punk!""

Do you have any idea what they are? What are your thoughts on this?

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