The Mohawk Valley Water Authority has issued a Boil Water Advisory for residents living in the area of Deerpath Drive in the Town of New Hartford(see map below).

This follows a water main break in the area overnight. The affected areas are:

  • • Deerpath Dr - From Sylvan Way/Deerpath Ct easterly (houses 20 to 31)
  • • Deerpath Ct  - All houses
  • • Christine Ct / Christine Ct North / Christine Ct South - All houses
  • • Sylvan Way (west) - From Higby Rd to dead end circle (houses 101 to 143)

The advisory is expected to last for approximately 48 hours, or until testing of samples shows the water is safe to consume.

via MVWA New Hartford Water Main Break Advisory Deerpath Dr.
via MVWA New Hartford Water Main Break Advisory Deerpath Dr.

Those who wish to use tap water for drinking or cooking in the meantime are encouraged to bring the water to rolling boil for at least two minutes. Also, you advised against drawing any hot or warm water from the tap, because doing so will draw sediment into the hot water tank, which will require it to be flushed.

The Water Authority also reminds customers that it's possible you'll permanently stain your clothes if you use the washing machine with cloudy or discolored water.

How good is Mohawk Valley water?

Wanna know if the water coming from your tap meets federal guidelines, how it ranks or what kinds of contaminants might be in each glass you consume.?

The Mohawk Valley Water Authority is required to issue an annual report on the quality of water you're drinking. You can find it here.

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