As we fight to stop the spread of COVID-19, central New Yorkers are working together to spread kindness, helping those who need it most.

Holly Marie Perkins lives in Verona. "There is a lot of elderly neighbors and families experiencing lay offs."

To help, Holly went through her cupboards, collecting non perishables, toilet paper and baby wipes. She set it out with a sign that read "Take what you need, God bless."

Photo Credit - Jody Armitage

The kindness quickly spread after someone posted a picture on social media and decided to set up more. "Awesome way to spread neighbors helping neighbors," says Holly.

Photo Credit - Jody Armitage

‎"With all the gloom going on, she still found it in heart to help out someone who needs it," boasts Holly's sister Amy Counihan-Erlenback‎. "Just shows one kind flame can become a huge fire."

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