Could you use some trees and shrubs? I mean lots of trees and shrubs. The Department of Environmental Conservation's annual Tree and Shrub Seedling sale provides 50 different species at a low cost. The one catch, they come in units of 20 or 25.

The seedlings are available to public and private landowners and schools in New York and neighboring states. The DEC hopes offering them at great prices will encourage more people to enhance their local environment and make reforestation projects more feasible. Schools can receive free seedlings through the DEC School Seedling Program. It provides 50 tree seedlings or a mixed packet of 30 shrubs and they can be planted on school grounds or community spaces.

Conifers and Hardwoods come in groups of 25 for $20 and $30. Groups of 100 can be purchased for $55 and $70. A variety of mixed packets are available in groups of 50 for $45. And are packaged for various planning; like wildlife packets and pollinator groups.

There are 3 options for getting your trees and shrubs. They can be picked up at the DEC's Saratoga Tree Nursery north of Albany, for fee trucks deliver to one designated location in each county or they can be delivered by UPS. Get more information on the DEC's website or call 518-587-1120. Phones are answered Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.



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