Before taking the FrogFest 28 stage, Lindsay Ell joined us for some Kubota Conversations that almost turned into a Kubota crash while we were playing Pokémon Go.

"I'm a guitar playing nerd," Ell tells us as we head out to hunt Pokémon at the Utica Rome Speedway. But she knows the dangers of the game. "I've had a moment where I was like 'Lindsay you're crossing the street, pay attention.'"

I was the one who should have been paying attention. I almost killed Lindsay in an accident. "See too much Pokémon Go," says Ell. Good excuse, if I was the one playing the game.

On the Pokémon hunt Lindsay explained how she injured her ankle. "I fell. It's pretty lame. It was while I was travelling. No alcohol was involved, nothing exciting. My tour manager joked that I should say I was trying to save a family of raccoons."

How would Ell shred the guitar on stage with an injured ankle? "You can shred the guitar regardless, bad ankle or not." And that she did, putting on a great show, bad ankle and all.

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