Get naked in an Upstate New York cave for a birthday suit celebration.

Take a leisurely naked stroll through Howe Caverns, where the temperature is 52 degrees all year round, for the 4th annual Naked in a Cave on Saturday, September 17, 2022. All you need is a ticket and a pair of shoes.

"Celebrate body positivity, because Howe Caverns believes natural is beautiful."

Hundreds of people took part in the first naked tour on National Nude Day in 2018 and the annual event at the largest underground cave open to the public in the Northeast has sold out every year since.

There will only be a limited supply of tickets available for the Birthday Suit Celebration this year but they aren't on sale yet. It will include a souvenir robe and an adult beverage. You can also add dinner to your tour or a session of Naked Yoga.

You can learn more about the event and when tickets will go on sale on the Howe Caverns Naked in Cave Facebook page, where there is a search for entertainment.

We are looking for musical (i.e., instrumental, acapella) entertainment for our 4th Annual Naked in a Cave event "Birthday Suit Celebration".

The 4th Naked in a Cave Birthday Suit Celebration is open to anyone 21 or older and will have a strict privacy policy. For obvious reasons, no cameras or phones will be allowed.

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