There's all kinds of fairies in the world, the tooth fairy, the fairy godmother, and tinker bell. The COVID-19 mess brought us modern day versions, like wine fairies and beer fairies. And now a 16-year-old brings us the latest, Dairy Fairies.

WGRZ-TV shared the story of Rachel Best from Bergen, NY (midway between Rochester and Buffalo). Rachel worked part time at nearby farm when she wasn't involved with school. The job gave her a first hand look at the Coronavirus impact on dairy farms. When the farm she worked at and others nearby were forced to dump milk, yet area resident were struggling to find money to buy groceries, she went into fairy mode.

Using her own money, Rachel began purchasing milk, cheese, eggs, and other staples and delivering them to people in need. The legend grew quickly, with many of the recipients turning into Dairy Faries of their own. While other donated money, gift cards, and food to Rachel. Then she started the Dairy Fairy Facebook group.

Once social media became involved, one 16-year-old girls idea became more than just legend. The group now has 5-thousand members and is growing daily, and now Rachel and friends are making hundreds of deliveries.

Read more on Rachel's story at TV Stations website.

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