They say a picture is worth a thousands words but it's not worth an arrest. A man was caught on camera stealing money from a veteran donation box in Rome and he even admitted it was him.

The money was taken from Keep Making Suds Laundromat in Rome. Kevin Stilwell recently bought the old A&D laundromat and made major renovations. He decided, being a vet himself, he'd put out a box of lollipops to help raise money for the veterans. "I knew there was a risk to it."

The donation box went up on Monday and Stilwell says around midnight on Thursday it was broken into. "A guy came in, ripped open top of the lollipop box and takes all the money. He even took a handful of lollipop."

Joseph Marodarski, who helps Stilwell at the laundromat whenever he can, posted security camera photos on Facebook, hoping to find the person responsible.

He found the guy alright. His name is Dylan Burgey and the guy who was dumb enough to identify himself in the photo, writing "hey that's me."

Credit - Joseph Mordarski
Credit - Joseph Mordarski

The police were called but Stilwell says they were told they can’t prove who stole the money even though it’s on camera. "They say the picture isn’t clear enough. He needs to be caught when we are there. The video has to be so accurate and identifiable for the guy to be arrested."

What if the guy rats himself out, is that clear enough? Nope. Police can't make an arrest based on Facebook comments. It could be an ex or enemy posting as someone else. You never know who is behind each post.

Stilwell says he now pulls the money out of the box every night. "People have been coming in, just donating money and not taking any lollipops after hearing about it. I think it's great."

It nice to know for every bad person in the world there are hundreds of good ones.

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