If you think being a Park Ranger with the Department of Environmental Conservation is hanging out with the wildlife while nabbing hunters doing illegal things, there's a whole lot more. Even more than directing a lost hiker back to the trail. Check out these photos of Rangers training to climb ice walls and rescuing people that fallen through the ice.

DEC Region 4 Forest Rangers Lt. Dave Pachan, Rob Dawson, Dave Nally, Hannah O'Connor, Melissa Milano, and Dylan McCartney all trained vertical ice climbing techniques with the climbing guide service, Alpine Endeavors.  Apparently, ice climbing is popular in The Catskills and last year the Rangers were assisted by a climbing service in making a rescue in the Indian Head Wilderness off Platte Clove Road.

Meanwhile, Rangers in DEC region 9 near Buffalo trained and demonstrated ice rescue techniques. In the morning Rangers trained on flat ice rescues and later the same afternoon, Ranger Justin Thaine demonstrated rescue techniques for a large public group. He also taught safety on the ice, especially in our ever-changing temperatures.

These pics give me a whole new respect for what these men and women plan, prepare and do every day. Especially in sub-zero temperatures.


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