Curiosity killed the cat and may have been the undoing of a New York Moose. Although the curiosity came from onlookers rushing to get a picture of the animal that swam across Lake Champlain.

The Lake Champlain Islander reports, the moose decided to swim from the New York side of Lake Champlain to South Hero, VT. It made it across, unfortunately, the moose came ashore exhausted and near a popular bike path. Naturally, a moose coming out of the lake would gather a crowd of people wanting a picture.

South Hero Vermont map
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While it wasn't a huge crowd, it was enough to spook the moose. The animal then returned to the lake in an attempt to swim back to the other side. Already exhausted, it had no chance to make it and drowned in the lake.

Vermont Fish and Wildlife officials and the local Sheriff's Department retrieved the body from the lake.

SOURCE: The Islander


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