How cool is this video of a moose on the loose?

Eric Newman of Newport was on his way to work Thursday morning just after 8 a.m. when he spotted the moose running down Newport Road near Farrell. He said at first he thought it was an Amish horse. However, after a closer look, it's hard to mistake those beautiful big antlers for anything other than a moose.

Photo Courtesy of Eric Newman
Photo Courtesy of Eric Newman

This isn't the first time Newport residents have spotted the moose around town this week. Newman said people saw the moose by the Newport Town Barn Wednesday morning, about a mile from where he was driving when he caught the creature on video.

Who knows, maybe the moose will stick around in the Newport area a little longer!

While crossing paths with a moose isn't completely unheard of in most parts of New York, it's always exciting when it happens. Earlier this year, an unknown photographer captured photos of a moose taking a swim and cooling off in Long Lake.

If you spot a moose in New York, no matter what part of the state you're in, the Department of Environmental Conservation encourages you to report it using the online form. The DEC will then use the data gathered from all of the collective moose sightings to roll out a moose management plan in New York. You can also send in any photos you have from moose sightings to the DEC through email at

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