There are some mysterious things lurking in the Hudson River. Just look at his incredible footage a kayaker caught.

Garry Gleason was kayaking on the Hudson with a friend when he saw something incredible out of the corner of his eye. An enormous animal leaped into the air and landed with a huge splash just a few hundred yards away. By Garry's estimates, the fish was about 8 feet long.

Not believing his own eyes, Gleason turned to his friend for confirmation of what he just saw, but the friend was looking in the opposite direction. Thinking no one would ever believe him, the kayaker suddenly realized his GoPro camera was turned on. Was it possible the monster fish was somehow caught on camera?

To Gleason's delight, his camera did catch the massive fish in flight. The video was uploaded to Facebook, where even those who saw it didn't quite believe it.

That's one big fish!

Many local fishermen chimed in saying they believe the fish is a sturgeon. If that's the case, this one may actually be a baby. Unbeknownst to most people who venture out on the Hudson River, there are fish the size of school buses lurking beneath them, swimming in the muddy water.

National Geographic reported last year a 14-foot sturgeon is living near the FDR estate in Hyde Park. The fish is estimated to weigh over 800 pounds, laying up to 8 million eggs at a time. Perhaps this flying fish seen near the Bear Mountain Bridge is one of its grandchildren.

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